I am here to meet the needs of your family as well as your business. Some of the services which I offer are listed below. If you have questions about something that you do not see listed, please contact me. I may be able to help you, if only by recommending another attorney with the necessary experience.

Business Services

In one sense, it is very easy to start your own business without any legal input at all. The Secretary of State provides an online registration form and you could just fill in the blanks. However, without sound legal advice, your business could put your family’s financial stability at risk. A well thought out business formation takes into account personal and business assets, the potential risk of liability, and the implications of the tax code.

In addition to helping new businesses observe the proper formalities, I provide ongoing business advice. I can draft contracts and agreements, or review those proposed to you by the person or business with which you are seeking to do business. A brief review of such documents may highlight problems that could result in expensive litigation at a later date. Your attorney shouldn’t be a telephone call of last resort. Instead, I would like to be a resource you can count on to make your business successful.

Estate Planning

Everyone already has an estate plan. Unfortunately, documents that were drafted are seriously out of date or there are no documents and your estate plan is defined by state and federal legislation. Estate planning is about more than planning for transfers of property at death. A good estate plan will include not only a will and trust but also powers of attorney and the various health care directives and authorizations. If you own a small business, then you need to consider how that business will transfer to your heirs or to your business partners.

This type of estate planning is particularly important to unmarried couples. Marriage affords a number of basic legal rights to each spouse. Without the protection of marriage – regardless of the reason – committed life partners must take action to draft powers of attorney and other contracts in order to have the same rights as a married couple. The proper documents will give each partner the right and ability to talk to the other’s healthcare providers, to visit the other in the hospital, to inherit assets, to retain custody of children. I can help you make sure that your wishes are followed in the event of incapacity or death.